Welcome to KanjiModoro Beta

Hi there! Welcome to the beta version of KanjiModoro. This is the first major project I've ever worked on using JavaScript, and is thus still in production.

Currently only N5-N3 Learning Cards can be used as intended on all devices.

Please bookmark this page to visit again for updates and new features.

Would You Like To Contribute?

This is an open source project!

If you are interested in contributing (especially newbies like me who would like to get their feet wet), please feel free to contact me.

You can view the GitHub repository here for more information about tasks for this project.

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漢字 | KanjiModoro

How To


Choose a JLPT level : N5 - N3.

Choose a group of ten kanji characters to focus on. (You are able to study more than one group!)

Click on Learning Mode.

Set a time limit.

Hit start and study away!


You've worked hard, so take a mini break!

Studies show taking breaks that are no longer than a day before reviewing are just as important as focused study.*


Click on Flash Card Mode.

Check that the JLPT level and kanji group are the same as the ones you studied.

Click on the cards to flip back and forth like a real flash card.

Take your time to recall what you studied or set another time limit to challenge yourself.

Spaced repetition is key for success, so come back tomorrow to study-break-test again!

Learning Tips*

Setting A Time Limit*

The recommended time limit is 25 minutes for each pomodoro interval.

This helps students prevent overlearning.

When you consistenly do a little at a time, you are able to focus on the process of learning the material well.

In contrast, focusing too much on the end product can increase stress and decrease productivity.

Before starting a pomodoro, be sure to remove as many distractions as possible.

Breaks & Spaced Repetition*

Taking measured breaks gives your brain time to take in what you've studied in a more relaxed state, like breaks between reps in the gym.

When taking a longer break, consider going for a walk or doing other forms of exercise.

Spaced repetition of small chunks of information over several days and weeks has been known to be more effective than re-reading and highlighting text.

Testing Yourself*

Testing yourself often through recall methods like flash cards is more effective than re-reading or highlighting text.

Getting enough sleep, especially the night before a test, will improve your ability to recall what you have learned.

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Pick A Level|Pick A Group

音読み | Onyomi

訓読み | Kunyomi

意味 | Definition

例 | Examples

音読み | Onyomi

訓読み | Kunyomi

意味 | Definition

例 | Examples


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The study recommendations on this site are based on the Coursera course Learning How To Learn.

Based on years of research, this free course was created to help you improve how you learn by teaching you how to study more effectively.